All-Season Deck Enclosures

Brady-Built Sunrooms are often a great way to enclose an exterior deck creating all season year-round living space. Our 4-season sunrooms are custom designed to your specifications and built locally at our facility located in Auburn, MA. Since our sunroom additions are true all season rooms, they can open directly into your home and usually be heated or cooled with your current system. Adding a sunroom is a great way to enhance the beauty, value and space of your home. Below are just a few examples of traditional exterior wood decks that were transformed into beautiful four-season sunroom additions.

Unused Deck Becomes Elegant Extra Living and Entertaining Space

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This homeowner expanded their living space by enclosing part of an exterior deck with a Gable Eaved Conservatory. This newly created living room features a fireplace and mantle and accesses to the remainder of the outside deck.

Enclose Your Deck For Year-Round Use

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A simple deck was transformed by the addition of a 4-season gable roofed sunroom. This sunroom was designed to open onto a traditional deck on one side and lead out to a hot tub on the other. The sunroom provides a bug-free climate-controlled area in the summer. The ample sunlight in the winter provides a warm and cozy place to sit and enjoy watching the snow fall.

Upper Deck Becomes a Weather Safe Hideaway

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Enclose an unused deck even on the second floor! A straight eaved sunroom overlooks this beautiful natural back yard and the remainder of the old deck and creates significantly more useful entertaining and living space.

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